Egg Boilers

Egg Boilers

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£79.29 £129.56

Microwave Egg Boiler:This microwave egg boiler can cook soft, medium and hard boiled eggs in minute..

£15.07 £58.34

The non-stick material ensures food easier to slide out and clean up, quick and convenient to make ..

£15.82 £34.95

Function: This egg timer helps you know the egg condition when boiling, you can enjoy proper egg of..

£58.71 £95.36

Material: PP + stainless steel Voltage:110- 240V Size:14*13cm Cook whole eggs, keep moisture,..

£79.93 £129.78

BPA-Free lid, cooking, and poaching trays are top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. No more f..

£15.73 £50.83

Simply place eggs in the holder, add water, and get great soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs in just..

£79.71 £129.07

★ Steamed and boiled three-in-one, single-layer fried egg, double-layer steamed egg tart, steamed c..

£15.98 £38.68

Tips: Please use thick gloves to move it out of microwave in case got injuried by the hot surface ..

£39.98 £83.26

MULTIFUNCTIONAL EGG BOILER - For cooking, poaching and frying eggs and making omelets, for a delici..

£17.41 £52.43

This electric egg boiler and timer has a 7 egg capacity and a timer for perfectly boiled eggs every..

£15.22 £42.84

Microwave egg cooker, adopts high‑quality aluminum‑plastic composite material, durable and long‑pas..

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