Well, Would You Look at this Mess

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

So, if you have been following along and reading Stacey's Diary.

1. You know that there has been a reinvention. The direction the diary is taking has been changed and this change is phenomenal.

2. My growth game is strong and I am attacking my goals like a spider that has found its way into the shower.

3. Josy Group is inspired by possibilities. And it's all possible. Easy, no. Possible, yes.

One thing I forgot to mention is how incredibly hard it can be to make big changes. I am talking about the "you only get one life" and "it's now or never" big changes. The go for broke changes you can make to be the best version of you. The free, true and authentic you. The person you have always wanted to be before college, marriage (maybe a divorce), kids and jobs took over. Remember that person? Let's just say I do. Remember, I wanted to write, I wanted to paint and I wanted to create things. So, I did what any normal level -headed person would do. I went for it. I am in the middle of taking the biggest chance of my life. The stakes are high and losing is not an option. Yep, I have very bit of confidence that I am on the right path.

All of a sudden, out of no where, the devil had a field day with me.

You see where I am going? Literally, every single thing that could go wrong started to go wrong. If it wasn't my phone or computer acting up (they never have before) it was a rock flying off some truck putting a Rhode Island size crack in my windshield. Time and money are the tools the devil is using to attack me. And, as if that wasn't enough, just for kicks, he threw people in the mix. People, pay attention to those who aren't clapping when you win!!!

The next thing that hit me like a shovel across the forehead was anxiety.

Anxiety is great. It's like a giant roller coaster hill, except the hill is perpetual, the ride never stops. Yea, anxiety is a real treat. Thanks to Beelzebub, I had full blown anxiety. What in the world have I done???? What if this or what if that scenarios invaded my headspace. Sleepless nights with endless butterflies in my tummy. Anxiety is mental, emotional and apparently physical. At this point, desperate for help, I yelled....

Jesus take the wheel!

While I gulped Pepto Bismol and went through Kleenex like water, Jesus took over. Don't get me wrong, giving your worries to Jesus is NOT easy. At least for me it isn't. I would turn a worry of mine over to Jesus, not fully trusting He would fix it or worse yet, afraid He would take something away. Literally, within minutes after giving a worry to the Lord, I would rush back to it to try to fix it myself. Now, this isn't my first rodeo with giving worries to the Lord. He always delivered as promised. He always worked on every worry and it always turned out good. You'd think knowing He has always worked things out for my good, that I'd naturally hand him over all my worries, right? Let's just say I am trying. In this area, I am a work in progress. I'm okay with that.

Worrying sucks. It kills more joy and time than anything else.

So, if you have worries, and are a work in progress, drop a comment and let me know. There's no shame in the growth game. We can help each other out and remind each other to let Jesus take the wheel.

XOXO Stacey

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