The Bizarre Truth about Demons

A year ago, if someone had told me that I would come face to face with the paranormal, I would have laughed at them and shrugged if off as ridiculous. I no doubt would have thought they were off their rocker. You know, they watched too many scary movies type thing. Actually, I have watched a million horror and suspense movies myself. The thrill of being scared, sitting on the edge of the seat in anticipation of something jumping out, raises the blood pressure and intensity of the thrill. Horror movies are a multi-billion-dollar industry. Let's face it, people love the horror flick scene. Perhaps as humans we love the thrill of being scared. That is until it happens to you, for real. That's exactly what happened to me. Freddy Krueger has nothing on these demons.

A lot of you will be skeptical, many of you won't believe a word I am telling you.

I don't blame you actually. I would feel the same way. I would brush it off as major nonsense. I have seen people on television claiming to be living in a haunted house or possessed by some sort of demon and have often thought of them as straight up whack jobs. I will admit, I was one of those people that watched those reality tv shows about paranormal activity and called BS on them, but admittingly found them entertaining. I pretty much know now that any show that "shows" a demon on the screen is total BS. There isn't a demon around that will let you catch him on an sort of media, including cell phones and video cameras. Demons are not dumb. They are crafty as all get out. Their best trickery is to ensure people do not realize they are nearby. Until you have done something to really piss them off. And that's exactly what I did...YAY ME.

In order for you to believe in demons, you have to believe in Heaven and hell.

There's no way around this one. Demons only exist because there is a Heaven and subsequently, because they exist, there is a hell. I'm not going to go into how the devil got kicked out of Heaven, just trust's real, all very very real. As a Christian, I know our adversary is lurking around waiting for an opportunity to pounce. That's why we are told to stay in constant prayer and put on our full armor of God. We need to be prepared...always. Christians are often spiritually attacked it's been happening since the beginning of time. Christians are attacked especially when they are doing the Lord's work and even more so when they are on the path that God designed for them. (Write that down, it is super important to remember) The devil doesn't mess with you if you are living selfishly and living far away from God. He doesn't need to bother you. In a sense, being spiritually attacked means you're doing something right! Unfortunately, the whole experience blows.

Attacks can come in many forms, most often, in a temptation of sorts. The temptation is usually your downfall and worst enemy, so keep a watchful eye for it. Basically, the cause of all of your troubles, drugs, alcohol, infidelity, gambling, smoking, excessive spending, etc., is how you are attacked. The devil is a tricky son-of-a-gun, after all, he managed to make the whole world believe he doesn't exist. Even you're doubting right now. There are plenty of Christians who don't believe he exists or even worse, believe he won't bother them. With that said, I am here to tell you they are very very real, very powerful, and extremely tricky. They are more powerful than ever because of the state of the world. They are trick masters. They know all of your faults, all of your blind spots and every one of the buttons they need to push. And, I most recently found out they can cross over easily into our world, and that means they can hear what you're talking about. Praying out loud? Yep, both God and the devil hear you. Don't stop, just be aware!

The devil will come as everything you have ever desired.

The main goal for the devil is to steal as many souls from salvation as he can. Looking at the world today, I'd say he's doing a pretty good job. The stronger your faith, the harder you are attacked. It's a price we have to pay for now. The reward is eternal salvation. The struggle is very real though and if you're not fully equipped, sadly, you'll most likely give in to temptation. That's another blog, for another time. Right now, it's imperative that you understand (and believe) that I stood toe to toe with a demon. Demons work for the devil. The devil has a finely organized army with various ranks and levels. The pesky little demons are the ones on your shoulder telling you that you're not good enough and what not. The next ranking level are the demons that push you into temptation, big or small. The big nasty, high ranking demons are out to suck your soul out of your eyeballs. Seriously. If you have had the pleasure of meeting a high ranking demon, trust me you are definitely doing everything right! The devil only sends the strongest soldiers in when the fight for your soul is going to be a big time battle. The lower ranking demons will often come disguised as friends and family. They fly around you like an annoying gnat. You can't see them, and if you aren't aware of them and the teachings in the Bible, you won't even think to think about them. And that's exactly how the devil wants it. Trust me, I know. I would never have believed a demon was real. Never!

My story will show you that demons are very real and here with us.

They know no boundaries, and are on a mission to move you as far away from Jesus as possible. Ironically, if you're not being attacked, you might want to consider where you are at in your faith. If you are being attacked, hang tight...fight on. We win in the end! My story will shake you to your core and have you questioning everything you thought you knew. I know it shook me up and had me rethink how I was approaching the world and my salvation. My experience is horrifically terrifying, but I hope it enlightens you and opens your eyes. I had no idea that demons could cross into the physical world in the way that they did. I still don't recognize my whole importance, and why I might be so important to them. Yea, there's more than one. From bad to worse is how it all went really freaking fast. I'm still figuring out the whole big picture. I will tell you and faith alone is the only weapon you can use against them. Faith is the only reason I didn't lose my mind. Luckily, I was well versed in the Bible, otherwise I might have ended up in a straight jacket.

In the upcoming weeks, I will share a series of short stories that you can find on the Josy Group site along with a blog series. I know the stories are going to disturb you and disrupt everything you ever knew about the world and Heaven and hell. My hope is that it opens your eyes to the things of this world, what is wrong with the world, the very real spiritual battle, and hopefully this all leads you to find Jesus.

Author Stacey Kranz, Chairman of the Board, Path of the Living Word Church and Stakeholder and President of Josy Group LLC

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