Rescuing Bunnies Part IV - Lucy

So by now you know how to care for little bunnies should you find yourself in a position to do so. Remember the legal stuff I had to put in post Part 1. Anyway, so I let my baby bunnies go back into the wild. All except one. Lucy had her back broken by one of her litter mates and there was no way she would be able to fend for herself in the big outdoors.

I did what any reasonable human being would do. I ran out to buy her a bigger cage and all of the essentials she would need to be a happy bunny. The only thing I could not fix was her two rear legs that constantly got in her way. They were "dead" legs, completely unusable. Lucy being amazing Lucy learned how to move around just fine with her two front legs, while her back legs dragged behind. Eventually, she would grow big enough for a cart that would allow her to cruise around at high bunny speed.

I continued to feed Lucy the KPR because the extra nutrients would help her heal. She'd never regain use of her legs, but keeping her healthy was a priority. She soon moved on to a very finicky bunny diet. Only the finest greens and vegetables for Lucy. She absolutely loves strawberries and grapes. She will only eat Kale and Spring Lettuce, minus the leaves. I find the leafy greens left behind in her cage every morning. It's nearly impossible to find spring lettuce without the darn leaves!

Because she is unable to clean herself (her legs don't move freely) regular baths are required. She wasn't a fan at first, but soon learned that after a bath came hours of snuggling in a thick warm towel. Bunnies get hypothermia really quick when wet, even in the summer, so it's especially important to keep them warm. Despite the odds, despite her disability, Lucy is a happy and healthy bunny. She is loved beyond words. And, let's not forget spoiled. I often see her litter mates running about and I almost feel sad for them. They certainly aren't getting the fine cuisine Lucy is getting, I can tell by their fur.

Lessons? Yes, many. Never give up on someone or something just because of an injury or something goes wrong. You never know what spirit the animal or person has to keep them moving through adversity. Love, attention and affection is a key ingredient to all living things. To love something so much that you will sacrifice time, energy and give with your whole heart is one of the most beautiful aspects of being a human being. God gave me Lucy for a reason, she's just a bunny but she has taught me so much in her short little time here on earth. And before you judge, just know that their wasn't a vet to be found that will remove her legs. Legally, she needs to be put down. But, that's not me, that's not who I am and I am willing to take my chances for this beautiful God given creature. XOXO Stacey

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