Rescuing Bunnies Part II

So, my bunnies have finally opened their eyes. Because of this I know they are at least 10 days old. I will never forget the first time I saw their pretty little eyes staring up at me. They still need the KPR (Kitten Formula) and Heavy Whipping Cream twice a day. However, we do have to start introducing them to "real" bunny food. Because they are wild rabbits, the chances of them eating domestic bunny pellets are slim to none. If you are able to get them to eat pellets, you're lucky, but don't forget to also introduce them to the foods they will be eating when you release them. The goal is to release them because wild bunnies never become completely domesticated. That and it's just not right. They were born to run free in fields and yards, grazing on our gardens!

Keep in mind, the bunnies are just about 10 days old so they may not nibble on any food items you put in their pen. I added kale and the green leafy part of romaine lettuce. For the next few days, I ended up removing the untouched kale and romaine, but consistency is key here. Eventually they would nibble. For now, it is important to keep up with the KPR and Heavy Whipping Cream, once at dawn and once at dusk. Approximately 2-4 small droppers full each feeding. The mixture should be smooth (no chunks). Once the bunnies stop sucking or their belly starts to fill (you can feel it), stop feeding.

At this time they should be able to go potty on their own. HORAAY!! But, keep an eye out just in case. Also, wild bunnies can appear healthy one minute and become sick the next. Their systems are extremely fragile. It's super important to keep them together (if you have more than one) and warm and fed. Be sure to wipe their faces with a damp soft towel so the KPR mixture does not clump up on their faces. Trust me, this is a critical step and also mimics the mother's cleaning ritual. If your baby bunnies have survived the 10 day mark, you're doing everything right and everything you can to keep them healthy until their release date. Repeat for the next 4 to 5 weeks. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

My next blog, Rescuing Bunnies Part III, will be the release date and the sad but triumphant story of Lucy, one of the bunnies left behind.

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