Rebuild and Reinvent...

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Each day we start with a fresh blank slate. The possibilities are endless, every hour of the day like a pen adding details and events to the slate. Before you know it, the day ends. The slate is filled with the ups and downs, the good and the bad, and the moments that filled your day. I noticed that every day that ended for me was more of the same, and I recognized a need for change. I wanted something different for myself. I knew I had to make the changes necessary to become a true authentic me.

What's the point in making a change if you can't be reborn into an authentic version of you?

So, here I am, needing a change, wanting a change, but I literally had no idea where to start. As a million ideas flooded my mind and kept my thoughts busy for hours, I realized I was further from change than I had thought. This wasn't as simple as buying a new wardrobe or redecorating a room. No. This was going to require hardcore thoughts and plans. I started out on the journey with four questions. What kind of person did I want to be? Where did I want to go? Who would I impact? And, most importantly "why"?

My "Why" grew larger than life and I loved the path my "why" was paving.

Well, here we are, I am writing and you are reading. I am going to take you on my journey. You'll see firsthand the events that unfolded that allowed for this new blessed life. I'll share insights and discoveries that can help everyone grow and prosper. I can't wait to get to know you and have you follow me on this path. Drop a comment and let me know you're here. Welcome to Stacey's Diary.

XOXO, Stacey


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