Lakeland 3 Litre Electric Fryer - AQNAMPTO

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  • Fries up to 700g of food

  • Great for chips, churros and calamari

  • 3 litre basket

  • Adjustable time and temperature controls

  • Viewing window

  • Now you can make every day fry day. Well, maybe not every day. But when you do fancy a portion of fish and chips without heading to the chip shop, our simple-to-use Electric Fryer is just what you need. And not just chips – if you can fry it, you can fry it in this. The long-handled basket holds 700g of food so you can cook plenty of crispy calamari, home-made churros, spicy samosas and spring rolls, chicken nuggets, even deep-fried Mars bars… (Maybe not deep-fried Mars bars, they are an acquired taste!)

    Adjustable time and temperature controls

    The simple two-dial control panel lets you adjust the time and temperature (from 130°C to 190°C) for whatever you’re cooking, and there’s also an auto shut-off function for extra peace of mind.

    Viewing window in lid

    Keeping your food contained in the 3 litre chrome-plated, stainless steel basket, and stopping hot oil from spitting all over you and your work surfaces, this compact chip fryer has a durable lid with a filter, and the handy viewing window means you can safely keep an eye on things as they cook.

    Easy to store

    And when you're done and it's clean and ready to put away, you can fold the handle down into the basket for easy, compact storage.

    3 litre. 41 x 23 x 24cm H. Flex 75cm. 1800W.

    Lakeland 3 Litre Electric Fryer - AQNAMPTO